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Blade Gunner is a Gauntlet clone with a Cyberpunk theme. Hop in as one of three playable characters and use their indiviual abilities against various enemies with unique behaviour. Traverse gloomy, neon-lit alleys, damp sewers, and High-Tech facilities, as you make your way to the central core of an AI gone rogue.

Made as a 2nd term university project.

There is only a single save game, so don't start a new game (with any class) if you still have an active character. You can backup or rename the savegame file in the game's root folder, though, if you want to switch or preserve characters.

Install instructions

Don't install it in Program Files(x86) or a similar, protected Windows directory, or your game progress may not be saved.


BGSetup.exe 45 MB
Blade Gunner Complete Credits PDF 140 kB

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